Our Story

We know displays and we can't wait to put our experience to use in helping you. Our specialty is putting the customer first and we thrive on it. Our primary job is solving your problem. Our second is doing whatever it takes to deliver. Our third? Making sure you're thrilled with the results.

Manufacturing Excellence Since 1986

Having a culture based around excelling in customer service and support is one of the most important aspects for increasing business opportunities in manufacturing industries. Xylem Design effectively executes a combination that fully revolves around our customers: a passion for continuous improvement and staff dedicated to our vision. This vision is achieved through strong values rooted in every one of our employees and the success is documented by customer reviews. We work with our customers to make sure we get them exactly what they want. Guaranteed.

Xylem Design is a manufacturing company dedicated to crafting displays and implementing techniques focused around continuous improvement and the elimination of waste. Our employees are attentive in making our processes more effective and efficient so we can pass that knowledge forward. This outlook generates excitement, learning, consistency, and ideas that are directed towards making the lives of our clients simpler. Xylem Designs employs over 20 people in the town of Fort Collins, CO.