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Everything we do revolves around our customers. Our job isn't just building displays, it's developing strong customer relationships. We uphold an attitude of gratitude and authenticity with each and every customer because they are purpose of our work. We are obsessed with providing exceptional service.

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Pretty Pleased
By Rolando W on

These are some pictures of the 6 pedestals that I ordered from you all. I'm pretty pleased with the results!

For us, they worked really really well.
By Beet Street on iLHRMeJTatc

Thank you for our beautiful displays
By Paige D on DVotqu8dois

Ashley and I wanted to take the time to thank you for our beautiful displays! We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They are so professional and extremely rich looking. We got tons of compliments on them at our trade show. I acutally gave your name and contact information to a woman who asked about them and was looking to get displays made. We can't wait to continue showing them off and hope we need many more in the future! Thank you again for all your hard work.

Thanks for following up!
By Marie M on

My use of product probably wouldn't interest you much. I'm an artist and I got pedestal to be able to set "objects for drawing" on it so object is at good height for viewing and shining light on. If you want a photo of it "in situ", I'll be glad to send one.

I can say this though the world of "internet service" is really turning out to be a tough deal. Meaning that, most places throw your order in a box and cross their fingers that everything turns out ok. No follow-up. Nothing ! (Not even sure they bother to cross their fingers!!!)

You folks should be the model for "how to do it right"!! I Couldn't believe how easy it was. Thorough. Amazing fast delivery!

Here are the steps that cause me to rate you folks #1 in service!

  • Interesting, informative, well photographed website.
  • Easy, common-sense ordering system.
  • Immediate verification of order.
  • Fast updates on status of order.
  • Early product delivery.
  • Extremely well packaged!!!!! Yet, not too difficult to unpack.
  • Product was exactly as website promised.

Honestly, after that experience with you, I literally wished there were more things I could order from you because it left me feeling that all is right with the world! :)


You are Going Places.
By Another Satisfied Customer on

I am in the internet business, and own one of the top content management firms in the country. This is perhaps the first time I have ever received an email from a vendor, following up on an order, including their picture (very personal) and virtually asking for nothing in return. In other words, "this is how to do it", and you are doing it right?

I used your pedestals, which arrived "perfectly" to rig a home theater in my home. The normal pillars and pedestals sold in that industry were "ludicrously" priced, and with a little ingenuity, mine turned out awesome.

In this rather dark photo, you will see your pedestals holding up some Asian floor lamps to give the illusion of custom made pillars. If I would have had these made (custom) it would have cost me $1,500 a piece (with 6 pillars I would have shelled out 9,000). With your pedestals (2,000), and my floor lamps sitting on top of them (1,200), I weighed in at 3,200 and "beat the man" out of nearly $5,800.

You are going places.

Rock on.

This was so great!
By Christine A on

This was so great! Exactly what we were looking for when displaying a demo at a conference! Employees were very helpful and quick with the order.

Lilly Brush Co. LOVES Xylem Design pedestals!
By Elsie H on

Lilly Brush Co. LOVES Xylem Design pedestals! They arrived beautifully packed and in perfect shape. What a great product for trade show displays. Easy to build and take down, and they look amazing! Thanks for making us look so good!

They worked very well for us.
By Ben F on

we ordered 2 of your pedestals & used them at Accessories The Show in the Javits Center, NYC, on Jan 6-8. They worked very well for us. I've attached a couple of JPGs showing them in use at our booth.

These counters are FANTASTIC
By Harmony V on

Attached are a couple of pictures from our booth that show the counters in use! As usual, we were really happy with the quality of your work. These counters are FANTASTIC and made the booth look so good!! Thanks again to all the team for your great job. We will keep working together I guess!

Our client loved them!
By Stella C on

I hope you've been well! I wanted to send over some photos of the Verizon pedestals in action. The pedestals were a huge hit at our event this past weekend, and our client loved them!

Thanks again for all of your help, and I hope to do business with you again soon! :)