Lighting is the proverbial cherry on any amazing art display sundae. You’ve spent valuable resources to acquire your special piece of art and now you want to be able to show it off with a certain gen a se qua. This is where Xylem Design / Pedestal Source comes in.

We help by providing our recognizable brand of handcrafted, specialty displays and pedestals. While this is a great way to put the focus on your art, it’s only the first step in fully illustrating the fine nuances of the piece.

One of the most effective and elegant ways to light any piece is by utilizing corner swivel lights, sometimes referred to as eyeball lights. These little, round, and movable spot lights are able to create spectacular drama by highlighting the piece’s natural contours. With several combinations at your fingertips, these are sure to garner more attention than simply going with just a single spot light.

Depending on the height or your piece, you’ll want to make sure you provide enough top surface display space in order to get the proper angle for the corner lights. Check out the following graphics to help better understand what angles you might need.

One of the most effective and elegant ways to light any piece is by utilizing corner swivel lights.

Look at the image in Fig. 1. It represents a 15.5” tall vase lighted by two corner lights positioned in front. The vase being closer to the lights provides a more dramatic illumination focused on the lower half of the vase. Fig. 2 shows the vase farther away from the front corner lights and illuminates more of the middle section of the vase for slightly different drama.  For optimal lighting, an overhead light used in concert with the 2 corner lights really hits the spot in Fig. 3 and Fig. 4.

Fig.1 vase-close  Fig. 2 vase-far

Fig. 3 vase-overheadLight  Fig. 4 vase-overheadLight2

If you are lighting a translucent glass piece, you may choose to light it from behind to produce light coming through the glass itself. In Fig. 5, you can see a translucent red bowl being lit from behind. For reference, Fig. 6 shows the same bowl lighted from the front. Fig. 7 shows the bowl lit from behind with an overhead light shining down while Fig. 8 shows the bowl lit from the front with an overhead.

Fig. 5 bowl-behind  Fig. 6 bowl-behind-overhead

Fig. 7 bowl-front Fig. 8 bowl-front-overhead

Our pedestal experts are ready to assist you in choosing the proper lighting arrangement and options that will undeniably allow your special piece to captivate any audience.