Setting up shop at a local weekly market is a great way to run a small business. Oftentimes, the available space you have is limited, and this is okay, you simply need to get equipped for such a small space.

Getting a table or two will give you a lot of display space, but it is likely overkill when your focus is on emphasizing a small number of products, which can be better displayed with display pedestals.

Compact for Traveling
In order to travel with your business on a regular basis, you need it to be compact and mobile. Fortunately, display pedestals are collapsible and easily stored after being collapsed. Not only is this helpful for setting up and dismantling quickly, but it is also ideal for going to local markets on a consistent basis.

Heavy and Reliable
When you have your work displayed outside, there will be times when it is a bit windy, and this is when you do not want to be concerned with the sturdiness and reliability of your display pedestals.
Heavy-duty pedestals will help during windy days, but it will also help you avoid people running into the pedestal and knocking it over as it will be strong enough to soak up the impact.

Quick Cleaning
Keeping your stand at weekly market looking good is essential to landing regular business. It is important to understand that your display pedestals will get dirty over time, especially with them being outside, but the solution is easy because cleaning these pedestals is not demanding or challenging at all.
Working on creating a nice-looking display for the weekly market is a smart investment as you will be able to repeat this on a weekly basis and even more if you end up going to other local markets.