Samantha Rose, founder/CEO of Get It Right, wanted a Home and Housewares tradeshow display that reflected their brand: intelligently designed, aesthetically appealing, functionally perfect.

As a product designer, Samantha knows a thing or two about sourcing and knew she was looking for the original source for pedestals—not a third or fourth party reselling from China. Her search brought her to Xylem (thanks Google!), and we were able to build GIR the custom pedestals needed to show off their gorgeous kitchenwares. And if you don’t think the word gorgeous can apply to kitchenwares, you haven’t seen these.

She was so pleased with the results that she got back in touch with Xylem for their 2017 tradeshow booth. Samantha and team initially planned to order a few custom light boxes, but after talking quotes and turnaround time with Seth, they handed us the entire wall and counter-build as well.

“They did a wonderful job of taking our vision and actually improving on it,” she said. “Everything they did was super tight, easy to assemble and dissemble, came fully labeled and with an instructional video. We really wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.”

Samantha was especially thrilled to discover our intentional approach to I&D and logistics made the booth reusable for years to come—saving GIR future time and resources.

It was a joy to work with GIR, a company that shares our desire to fix what bugs them, continuously improve and value people above all else. Bonus: they make the best damn spatula on the planet.

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