Vintage and retro are expected to be all the rage at this year’s trade shows. Consequently, many businesses are choosing to go with an eclectic mix of showroom furnishings. Among them are high-definition pedestal displays. High-definition pedestal displays have a mix of old and new that are sure to be a conversation piece, regardless of locale. Let’s consider our HD textured pedestal displays for an example:

We’ve got HD textured pedestal displays that come in six, hot finishes. The list of finishes includes Basalt, Cortez, Aloe, Silverton, Vail and Summit. Each one is generally considered an earth tone, ranging in color from various shades of brown to a spring worthy green. Consequently, they should pair perfectly with a vast array of retro and vintage trade show design schemes. Of course it doesn’t hurt that they’re made with ¼-inch thick, textured laminate that literally offers a virtual feast for the eyes and hands.

The smallest, lightest pedestals in the HD category stand 3-inches tall and weigh a mere 2-pounds. However, that doesn’t hinder their display power. Unmodified, they’re capable of safely holding 200-pounds worth of trade show display items. So, vendors should feel free to pull out all of the stops when selecting materials for their trade show displays. It should also be said that changing the design will obviously have an impact on weight capacity but we can discuss that when interested buyers make contact with our agents.

At that time, we can also discuss the other displays in our HD collection. They reach heights of 42-inches and weigh in excess of 70-pounds. The footprints and body sizes of our HD pedestal displays vary too. Some are ideal for displaying small items whereas others are perfect for over-sized materials, like large television or computer touch-screens. To learn more and see some of our HD pedestal displays in action, contact us today or visit our site.