This is a great question! We always recommend no more than 200 pounds.

But we have a secret. Although we never recommend it, our pedestals can actually hold much more!

Check out the test our mad scientists performed in the company parking lot recently. We placed 1,800 lbs of water on an acrylic pedestal with thin, 3/16ths walls to see just how far it could go. THIS WAS AN EXTREME TEST! WE WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS FOR OUR PEDESTALS! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, LOVELY CUSTOMER!

But by all means have fun watching us do it! 🙂

As you can see it’s possible for them to hold a decent amount of weight. So that’s not actually your issue. What you really should be worried about is how vulnerable your display is to tipping over.

So how do you make sure your display is stable? The truth is, making a stable display is not rocket science. It just requires some common sense thinking. Here are a few questions that’ll help you make it happen.

1. Is your display going to end up top heavy?

Here’s a simple way to prevent a top-heavy display: smaller + taller = faller! In other words, don’t use anything that’s taller than the pedestal itself.

2. Is the piece centered over the pedestal?

If it’s not you need to keep tabs on it or you could end up with broken antiquities. Keeping it centered will keep keep the weight evenly distributed throughout the entire display so it won’t topple.

3. Is the piece anchored to the pedestal?

Anchoring your valuables is a great way to add extra stability to the entire display. Museum wax rocks for this purpose. Check out museum wax. We love love love it. It’s invisible and can’t be seen on glass or acrylics.

4. Is the pedestal located in a place where it can be bumped?

All it takes is one person wandering around playing Candy Crush on their iPhone for your gorgeous valuables to come crashing to the ground. Make really clear pathways for walking in your area. And make sure your pedestal is well out of the way.
5. Is your display outside for some reason? Is the piece being displayed lightweight and susceptible to wind gusts?

If you’re packing or unpacking your pieces from a car or truck, don’t leave them on the pedestals while you’re doing it. And don’t put anything on your pedestal that’s so light the wind could blow it away. And we actually don’t recommend using our pedestals outside.

What tricks do you have for keeping your display stable? Let us know in the comments! We totally want to hear!