The Mick Jagger of Lean made an appearance at Xylem today and was given the grand tour by some of his all-time biggest fans!



At Xylem Design we’re obsessed with continuous improvement. Of our processes, our customer service, our facility and of course, ourselves. It’s a lifelong undertaking and we’re constantly at it. That’s why we were beside ourselves that Paul Akers, the King of Lean finally came to tour our facility!

“I’ve always wanted to come to Xylem Design because Greg’s energy for Lean is so amazing,” said Paul.

We were really eager to get Paul’s perspective and feedback on how we were doing, what he thought of our culture and how far we’d come.  His Washington-based company, FastCap is the epitome of Lean. See for yourself.


Paul was a big fan of our Lean work areas. “It’s a colorful environment. It’s easy to understand, I felt like could walk up anywhere and do a job successfully because of the order in the environment. And the more I looked, the more I saw.”

His favorite part? “The colored-coded brooms! You hang the purple broom in the outline in the purple broom area. It’s the power of visual control and simplicity. And that’s everything that lean is about. Lean is fun, simple, easy to understand, maintainable and creative.


I asked Paul what he thought about our people, and the heart-centered Lean work culture we’ve built.

“The biggest impression I had when I walked in here was tremendous energy. There’s an edge to the culture. You guys aren’t afraid to be a little in-your-face. There’s no passivity. You crank it out, you get it done, no excuses. I would want to work here.”

We’d hire you any day of the week, Paul. Come back soon!




Xylem Design CEO Greg raps Lean with his buddy Paul Akers.


Lisa and Paul Akers catch up after his tour.


Joel and Paul Akers talk going Lean in their homes.