Pharrell’s Grammys hat is getting a “Happy” new home today! Xylem Design is super proud to be the producers of the gorgeous white display stand it’s going to live in. It’s headed out to Arby’s headquarters in Georgia today!!


In case you missed the buzz, Pharrell wore one of his legendary giant hats to the Grammys this year in brown and Arby’s thought it looked suspiciously like their logo. A heated tussle on Twitter ensued.

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 11.26.25 AM

Pharrell agreed to return the hat to it’s so-called owners for the bargain price of $44,100 and Arby’s took him up on his offer. And since Pharrell’s apparently a really awesome guy he’s donating the proceeds to his charity, From One Hand To Another. They get technology, art, and media resources into the hands of at-risk youth. How awesome is that?!!

We won’t be getting over this one anytime soon! Thanks a million to Jason at Arby’s in Georgia for coming to Xylem Design for this super special showcase. We know it’s going to look absolutely spectacular and would couldn’t be more giddy about having a hand in all this.