Staring down at the small, Anglo-Saxon coins, a bright smile widens across your face.  It’s been a little over two years since you were named curator of your town’s local museum, and you’ve made good on your promise to bring in a new exhibit every six months.

Among the vast collection of 8th-9th century English artifacts brought in for the next exhibit are a number of styca coins discovered at Bamburgh Castle.  With a new grant recently issued to the museum for renovations, you decide to shop around for the perfect display stand that will show off the coins.

Based in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado, Xylem Design offers the finest assortment of museum display stands on the market.  Our team of expert designers, led by Greg Glebe, will create the perfect display stand for this collection.

Shape and Size: Our stands come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Whether you are looking for a wall display, cube table, cylinder pedestal, or rectangular floor stand, our team is more than happy to accommodate your museum’s needs.

 Material: Xylem Design customers choose from a large selection of wooden, acrylic, laminate, aluminum, steel, bamboo, granite, cardboard, and glass display stands.

Color: You will never have to worry about finding a stand that matches both the room and the artifacts being displayed in the exhibit.  We offer a wide variety of wood veneers, premium laminates, textured, and special order finishes for our products.

Lighting: With something like coins, it may be difficult for museum goers to see the intricate detail contained within the artifacts.  This is why we also offer display cases with built in lighting.  Whether you are looking to attract individuals to a specific piece, or simply allow attendees a better look at an artifact, our lighted display stands will give the desired effect you are looking for.

While searching for the perfect museum display stand, be sure to check out Xylem Design.