Trade shows are all about first impressions. You’ll never have the chance to continue a conversation unless you are able to start one. You want to keep the focus on your product, so what better way to capture that initial interest than with a set of eye-catching trade show pedestals customized to your needs?
With well-chosen pedestals:

You’ll be able set up and take down your display with ease.

Unlike some museum pedestals, pedestals designed especially for trade shows are easy to transport and can be set up quickly. Invest in quality pedestals tailored to your needs, and you’ll save time and money later.
Your products will appear more desirable.

Museums have known it for ages: put it in a frame or put in on a pedestal, and the public will treat it differently. If an object is displayed carefully upon a pedestal, people will instinctively associate it with value and uniqueness. For most of us, that’s a cultural norm ingrained since childhood. Take advantage of it.

Your business will appear more professional.

‘Professional’ it’s a word you hear thrown around all the time in business settings. It’s something we all strive for, but each one of us has a slightly different image of what professional should look like. Ask a dictionary and you’ll find a professional is “a person who is an expert at his or her work” or “extremely competent in a job.” You’re already a professional in your field, so make sure the world knows it. Getting the attention you deserve is all about presentation.
If you want the best in trade show display, come to the display professionals at Xylem Design.