There often comes a moment in a business or individual’s life that requires convention to be shaken hard and turned upside down. For us, the result of that shake up is our new line of contemporary pedestals. They are actually tapered columns. And we feel that they would have clearly won two “laurel leaf bands up” from our Greek and Roman ancestors.

Why? Each of the tapered pedestals has been built with multiple purposes in mind. They are light and turntable appropriate. Plus, they feature removable rubber feet and six laminated sides. So you can literally turn some of the contemporary pedestals upside down in minutes and create a display full of intriguing juxtaposition. Talk about an unexpected visual display that has the potential to leave visitors speechless!

At this point in time, our tapered pedestal collection boasts five footprint options, six different heights, multiple weights and a choice of more than 50 different finishes. Weights, by the way, range from 10.7-pounds to 80.2-pounds. Thus, our largest, 80.2-pound tapered model is 42-inches high and sports a 23-inch square footprint. The smallest weighs 10.7-pounds, stands 12-inches heigh and is 11.5-inches across at its widest point.

Because the tapered pedestals are meant to be used in more than one way, step-ups, dust covers and toe kicks are not a part of their standard design. However, we do specialize in making display products to order. Therefore, it may be possible to modify our existing line of pedestals or come up with a totally new, tapered design to suit your needs. The most favorable way to determine if our design team can take your unique idea and transform it into a one off pedestal is to contact us directly. If we feel that the project is viable, we’ll work closely with you to ensure total satisfaction.