We just ordered The Thank-You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk and I really like it.

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Gary’s a really smart, successful guy and he makes an amazing point in this book.

We no longer live in an anonymous world. Whether we’re customers, colleagues, friends, family, or potential acquaintances with somebody, we’re now officially all connected, for indefinite amounts of time. And the platforms where we can all be talked about can change fast.

Is this something you’re feeling? We’ve been feeling it too.

According to Gary America’s cultural history in business gos something like this:

Our grandparents lived in a world where “everybody mattered.” If you’ve ever wandered around mainstreet in Disneyland, you probably gushed at the cute shops and stores and yearned for a time too when “people were good to one another,” or “everybody knew your name.”

Relationships mattered. You mattered. You knew the hardware store owner and he knew you, and that’s why you bought nails there. You lived in a “community.”




Then corporate America came, and the bottom line was it. Efficiency and scale were the goals, and companies succeeded with this and became huge. Community was gone. (We’ve still got one foot in this, actually.)

Who customers were and what they thought didn’t matter. Who cashiers were at big box stores were didn’t matter. Why should they? Customers didn’t have much power to impact sales at those places, if things went wrong.

Now we’re moving back into our grandparents’ world: people matter again in a big way because we can be seen and heard online. Only it’s much more complex now, because “Main Street” includes the entire world!

Don’t you agree with this assessment? We do too.

So, what to do?

When someone goes out of their way for you–offers their truck when you’re moving or hooks you up with a job interview, you really like that person. You want to get closer to that person. You’ll do something great in return for that person–you might pick them up on the side of the road when they get a flat tire or go to their daughter’s ballet recital. And you’ll do it joyfully.

So, we suggest going out of your way for the people in your circle. That’s what we’re doing.

Here are a few really cool things we’re doing to say thanks right now. Go ahead and poach our ideas!

1. Check out our thank-you videos!


Every time a pedestal is made, our ingenius team thanks the customer and rap a little with them on YouTube, and send them the link to the video. They are super entertaining and fun. It’s innovative and our customers adore them. Plus like LJ discovered, they help us out on Google.


2. We send thank-you cards with a nice bottle of local hot sauce from Horsetooth.

These presents are super personal because our faces are on them and the gift is local to our area. It’s a nice touch!


3. We send them a copy of the book that inspired us to transform our company, 2 Second Lean by Paul Akers.

This book rocks! Pick a book that inspires you and share it with someone in your business. Any of our friends here in Fort Collins who are interested in our Kaizen approaches get a copy of 2 Second Lean, complete with our happy faces in the cover.


Start saying thank you more and watch how the world thanks you back.